NEW Shwally Methylene Blue Deuterium Depleted Repair Serums


Color & Potency

Our Repair & Sunshine Serums are a first-of-its kind combination of Methylene Blue, Vitamin C and Deuterium Depleted Water. Together, these powerful elements super-charge and lubricate the core engines of our skin – The mighty Mitochondria.

When these engines work efficiently the skin can easily protect itself from environmental stressors, rebuild collagen and generate youthful healthy skin. Instead of masking or suppressing issues our serums energize your skin to become resilient and self-healing.

Our new Clear Methylene Blue Serums will not stain which makes them perfect for daily use, either morning or evening.

The Repair Serum
Designed as a high potency spot treatment for inflamed or damaged skin – especially psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis and acne. With its high potency it can calm even the most inflamed skin quickly. It will temporarily stain the skin Blue. This can usually be washed off if needed or it will fade on its own. For exposed skin like the face, once the Repair Serum has done its magic and the inflammation has died down, you can switch to the Clear Repair Serum to maintain skin health without the blue stain.

The Clear Repair Serum
Designed as an enhanced potency spot treatment for
inflamed or damaged skin in exposed areas like the face, arms or any skin you can't stain Blue. It goes on clear so it’s easy to use every day. We recommend pairing it with the Blue Repair Serum for the occasional high potency treatment on stubborn issues.

All our Serums are designed to be paired with plenty skin exposure AM Sunlight and one of our Tallow Balms (Methylene Blue Balm recommended) plus a Nature-aligned approach to diet and lifestyle. This is how Amanda fully cleared her psoriasis and we have seen it over and over how this whole body approach always works!

Methylene Blue is the only "man-made" ingredient we offer and that's for good reason. Methylene Blue was discovered in 1876 and has since been well researched for a myriad of applications ranging from skin conditions and wound healing, to fighting infections and improving neurodegenerative diseases. Methylene Blue is special because it can both prevent inflammation by neutralizing
free-radicals and promote healing by improving the mitochondrial function of the cell.

More Details Coming Soon!


There are many people who ingest Methylene Blue for a variety of health reasons, but we only recommend applying our serum topically. Please use as directed on our FAQ sheet included with each order of the serum and as described above! 

Methylene Blue Repair Serum is for external use only

Keep out of reach of children

Keep Methylene Blue out of eyes

Always consult your doctor with questions relating to specific conditions you're looking to treat or with questions relating to medications you may be on.

Blue Repair Serum not to be mixed with antidepressants.

Repair Serum Not intended for anyone nursing, pregnant, or under the age of 18



Organic Green Tea & Chamomile Infused Deuterium Depleted Spring Water

Dead Sea Minerals from the dead sea contain over 21
essential minerals which the cells use in conjunction with sunlight to energize the cell and activate the repair processes.

USP Prescription Grade Methylene Blue 1% is one the most powerful free radical scavengers, a willing electron donor to cells + it helps mitochondria produce energy, cleanly.

Magnesium Chloride provides a topical and absorb-able form of magnesium to the cell, which it can use to make Magnesium-ATP, which is energy to the cell.

Dragons Blood provides the healing powers of the Dragons Tree resin.

Tallow-Based Glycerin thickens the serum a little so its easier to spread.


Organic Green Tea & Chamomile Infused Deuterium Depleted Spring Water,

Tallow-Based Glycerin

Dead Sea Minerals

Magnesium Chloride

Vitamin C

Prescription-Grade Methylene Blue

Gotu Kola


H. E. Cellulose

How To Use

How to Apply:

Our Blue Repair Serum is blue and will temporarily stain the skin. This is normal and will go away! We recommend using the high potency spot treatment on afflicted areas by applying 1-3 drops once every 3 days.

For exposed areas (face,etc) the Daily Repair Clear Serum can be used or both serums, as needed.

If using during the day MB works synergistic with AM Sunlight, making it more potent.

We also recommend applying it during the night if you don't want the blue hue visible throughout the day. Consider laying a towel between your head and pillow to prevent any staining of your sheets and be careful with any clothing as well.

We highly recommend pairing this serum with any of our face creams or body balm. Tallow works synergistically with the serum to heal damaged skin.

Star Ingredient:

Methylene Blue - The Inflammation Killer

• The combination of Methylene Blue & Vitamin C boosted skin cell numbers as much as 300% (depending on age) when compared to Retinol.

• Methylene Blue treatment increases Collagen and Elastin production in skin cells in as little as two weeks.

• Methylene Blue significantly reduced oxidative cell stress.

Deemed a "miracle compound", Methylene Blue is famous for its anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and overall healing benefits. It's been used to counteract toxins and reverse a number of degenerating diseases. Its ability to reduce oxidative cell stress and increase Collagen and Elastin production in as little as two weeks makes it a world class ingredient for face applications.

Deuterium Depleted Water

DDW is water that has had the Deuterium heavy metal isotope removed. Regular tap water is about 140PPM and our Serum is made with precious 18PPM DDW Spring Water. Each Deuterium water molecule breaks one mitochondrial engine. This causes energy loss and inflammation, which are hallmarks of all skin aging and disease. DDW water is used in cancer treatment and has promising potential in almost all chronic disease states that are linked to energy loss. We are happy to be the first company offering it for topical application!

Dead Sea Minerals

21+ nourishing minerals sourced directly from the ancient Dead Sea. People have been traveling to the Dead Sea for thousands of years to heal a variety of
afflictions. When combined with sunlight, these minerals energize our cells and allow them to activate the cell repair process resulting in healthier and more vibrant skin.

Dragons Blood

Extracted from the sap of the Dragon Tree, Dragon's Blood has been revered for centuries for its potent healing properties. It acts as a protective barrier, shielding the skin from environmental stressors and contributing to a resilient, revitalized complexion, leaving a touch of ancient wisdom on your skin.

How Deuterium Changed Amandas Life 15 Years Ago

15 Years ago Amanda was suffering from quite severe and stubborn Psoriasis. She had tried many different conventional treatments – including steroids and urea creams, and they had all failed and were riddled with side effects.

At that time she was visiting Yucatan in Mexico and decided to swim in the inland cave system called the Senotes. The water in these deep caves stems from a meteorite impact that happened 66 million years ago, which killed the dinosaurs. This water is naturally Deuterium Depleted at its surface!

When Amanda swam in it she noticed that within hours her chronic Psoriasis started fading away. Within a week most of it was gone and she joked with her friend that she should bottle the water and bring it with her home. It was
literally magic she thought.

15 years later we find out why this water was different... And today we are ready to incorporate it into our lives with the DDW based Shwally Serums.

Why Pick Shwally?

Made In The USA With Local Ingredients

Inspired By Science & Nature

Alcohol + Fragrance Free