Natural ingredients you can trust

Let’s be honest, our babies and our furry friends tend to get into anything they can reach. We say no to anything that doesn’t exist in nature, so rest assured, you can leave our products out around your little one.
We don’t cut any corners when it comes to our Shwally Balms. Made from scratch in small batches using only the richest elements from nature, they are 100% safe.



Made for every skin type

We embrace your uniqueness. Each product in our line was created to meet specific skin needs - from providing hydration, to restoring skin texture, and soothing challenges like eczema and psoriasis. All of our products are either subtly scented with mild organic essential oils, or smell of fresh-cut calendula flowers.



Let’s take a trip back in time


What did humans do to moisturize their skin?

The fact is, humans have used tallow for thousands of years to replenish their skin. It matches the composition of our skin closer than any other source in nature. So why would we use anything else?

Our ancestors knew this, and combined it with the richest fats from the plant kingdom - Avocado and Olive. We’ve followed in their footsteps by only using ingredients brimming with natural antioxidants, fresh Omega 3’s, minerals and vitamins.