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Stylish and chic

Our playmats provide comfort for your baby and look great in your home. All our designs are hand painted and inspired by timeless and modern designs.



Take your playmat with you on your next adventure! Our playmats are lightweight at only 11 lb, roll up and relocate easily to any play area. And the best part - messes simply wipe clean.



Our mat is rigorously tested to the highest standards in Europe and the US. Free of PVC, EVA, heavy metals, BPA, lead, phthalate and formaldehyde. Also, our Shwally playmats stay in place without slipping or sliding.

Timeless, modern mats that you’ll love to have in your home

You don’t have to sacrifice style just because your baby has arrived. We pride ourselves on crafting pieces that are chic, fit the style of your home and also engage your little’s eyes, while not over-stimulating them.

Double-Sided Hand-Painted Designs

Amanda brings in vivid water-colors, sophistication and subtleness to every rug, making them both unique and dream-like.


Spill Proof Finish

Our rugs utilize a technology that forces liquids to bead versus soak, so any spill can quickly and easily be able to be wiped up before any staining occurs.



We have used a special technique that allows our rugs to be machine washed and line dried, so your rug stays perfect for longer.


Ancester Approved

We use nature's most precious elements and nothing more, just like our forefathers. No vegetable or fruit seed oils. No chemical emulsifiers, parabens or sulfates. No fillers, no junk.


Carefully Sourced

From local small local family farms with 100% grass-fed tallow to wildcrafted fresh botanicals, we do not compromise on our ingredients.


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We want everyone to be able to detox and reconnect with our roots - Simply add 4 to your cart, 1 will be free.

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