The August Rose White Shwally Playmat

$189.00 $199.00


Starting with Amanda's hand-painted designs, we've created timeless, chic an double-sided playmats for any home. We bring
in elements of playfulness and sophistication to turn any area into an inviting space to live and play. Designed by Amanda, created with love, for your family.

  • 6'6" x 4'8" x .6" thickness
  • One-piece play mat, the size of a standard rug
  • 2-in-1 Double Sided: flip over and let your little ones can explore a subtle fantasy-world
  • Durable, waterproof, easy to wipe and clean
  • Our memory foam give our babies and kids a comfortable play space
  • Bonus: Great for working out, or sneaking in a nap!
  • Non-toxic: Free from heavy metals, BPA, Lead, Formaldehyde, Phthalate, fire retardant, PVC or EVA.
  • Shwally playmats are tested in U.S. certified labs
  • By Mom for parents! Hand painted & designed by Amanda Ruetenik

Why you'll love The Shwally Playmat

  • Timeless & Modern designs that blend in & compliment your decor
  • 2 in 1 playmat with reversible designs
  • Waterproof, Wipe-Clean, Durable Memory Foam
  • Pet Friendly

A Soft Fall Every Time

Most playmats are around 0.5" thick, but the Shwally Playmats are all 0.6" thick, providing extra protection for every babies tush! Our foam is naturally softer then interlocking tiles, but still provides just the right amount of support for all day rolling, falling and exploring.

Lightweight & Durable

Take your playmat with you on your next adventure. Our playmats are lightweight at only 11 lb and roll up and relocate easily to any play area.

The Right Material & Quality

The Shwally Playmat is rigorously tested to the highest standard in Europe and the U.S. to ensure its safety. Our playmat is free of heavy metal, BPA, lead, phthalate and formaldehyde. There is no PVC or EVA in our mats. We only use High Grade Memory Foam TPU.

Quotes From Real Amazon Reviews
You can hardly even tell it's a playmat
— Payton
My family visits... They think it's a carpet
— Barbara A.
It covers a large area so plenty of space
— Roger
Dope playmat. Looks even better in person
— Jane
My big kids love the city scene on the other side
— Elizabeth
It is the perfect balance of sturdiness + cushion
My daughter loves it it is truly beautiful
— Jasmine A.
We have received so many compliments about the design
— Rachel
It flows soooo well with our living room
— Samantha B.