Here goes Gabriel, our biology geek:

Seed oils are a new invention which extracts the oil contained in left-over seeds from vegetable and fruit production - I'm sure you've heard of canola oil, sunflower oil, safflower oil, etc.

When they do this they use high heat, high pressure and chemical solvents to squeeze the oil out of the seeds. The result is an un-natural oil which has been burnt and rendered life-less. The vitamins are destroyed, the antioxidants stop working and the un-saturated fats quickly go rancid in the heat and pressure process.

The sad news: These seed oils are made of waste products so they are extremely cheap, and most manufacturers do not mention that the minerals and vitamins do not actually survive the extraction process. It is almost at little dishonest.

We wanted the best and most honest product when we created the Shwally Balms, so we decided NO SEED OILS, EVER.

Instead of doing what the industry usually does, we are dedicated to using only cold-pressed extra virgin oils from animal or plant sources.

Our Shwally Balms contain fresh green avocado pulp oil which is brimming with all the nutrients and vitamins of the rich avocado. Never heated, never treated.

Fresh and alive, like nature intended.

We hope you will notice the difference, both in skin, and body!



Below is a list common seed oils used on skin care: We recommend avoiding them.

Mange seed oil
Grapeseed oil
Sunflower seed oil
Safflower seed oil
Rosehip seed oil
Avocado seed oil (We use only Pulp oil)
Raspberry seed oil
Hemp seed oil
Meadowfoam seed oil

++ The list goes on. If it is made from a seed, it is highly likely extracted with high heat, solvents, and pressure, which oxidizes the fats and destroys the vitamins. Do not buy into the hype - This is not natures way.



July 12, 2020 — gabriel